Colin Lambert


"My works are conceived and fashioned with the intention that they transcend their 'thing-ness'. While, I intend them to be beautiful, I ask for more, I want them to have an “inner-life”, an inner-life that might illumine or inspire my own personal inner-life. Thus, being an artist becomes a vehicle for the spiritual journey, each piece a milestone, marker or souvenir."

  • I am a life long artist and builder of beauty.  I was formally educated at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and further trained in the studios of Karel Gomez (Amsterdam) and John Mills (London).  Far from being self-taught, my artistic consciousness is firmly rooted in the classical ideals of balance, harmony and beauty. That said, I am thoroughly modern in my imagery and familiar with multiple skill-sets and mediums enough to respond to any setting with an array of possibilities.  I possess a gift of ‘vision’ and a natural temperament for site-specific work, finding myself willingly led to the most appropriate solutions by the physical characteristics of a site, the use, the users and overall project context. While I am always thinking ‘signature landmark’, I have an over-arching desire that my work be extremely accessible to its public and that it age elegantly over time.

I am attracted and challenged to conceive works in public settings where the user group largely comprises the same individuals. It is these daily visitors/users whom I labor to keep interested by deliberately layering meaning in the imagery intended to rewards keen viewers, after months and years. This can only be accomplished by in-depth ‘discovery’ into the specific setting, thus my works are always specific to a particular site and never recycled. I have sometimes thought of myself as a ‘story teller’, always inextricably weaving my vision into the specific project.

Having been a public artist for more than 30 years, with dozens of projects successfully completed, I am extremely familiar with the complex logistics required for such large-scale collaborations. I make clear communications a professional priority. Over the years, I have been designer, fabricator, project manager, site foreman, and installer, thus I possess an overview and understanding of how my contribution serves the whole endeavor.  It has been said of me…”I make beautiful jewelry for beautiful buildings”.