The enigma of inspiration

Last evening, as I pushed to remain 'productive' into the evening, it happened. Unbidden, a totally original creative image appeared. Perhaps a mild version of 'going into labor' when you are unaware that you might be pregnant. Because I so value these experiences and heavily rely upon them occassionally happening, I have kept a mental and sketched record of the experiences. Typically, in a totally unanticipated moment, a 'rogue thought' enters the grid, creating a disruption to what ever 'program' was occuring, to create a 'test-pattern pause'. The 'channel' is changed and an image starts materializing. I begin to become aware of this 'thing' happening and begin to 'play' with it... what ever it is; poem, metaphor or graphic image. Often, I record it in my sketch book, where the next phase of the 'birthing' seems to occur. As in a physical birth, the new arrival appears messy and slightly unlikely. In my sketch book, it developes and usually, rather quickly, becomes a bona fide 'good idea'. as I said, I totally depend upon such experiences, often picturing myself as a beggar, completely dependent upon the grace of some passing benifactor. At the same time, it is not as though I do nothing to attract such grace. I actually work hard to keep myself receptive and capable of responding to the 'coins' which fall into my cupped hands. Within an hour of the first 'coin', a second 'gift' arrived, doubling the beauty of the first and resulting in one of the most beautiful images, ever to have been given me. Later, when I have 'materialized' this image, I will recall this blog entry and elaborate upon it further.  


Ta-Daah, introducing myself as a newly minted blogger...

I have the strong impression that this year (2012), will bring many new experiences and understandings. The mere writting of this entry signifies some new willingness to "be in the game".  I am resolved to participate in important discussions around me and offer my best understanding. This morning, I realized, through the mental-image of a jig saw puzzler, that the zillion piece personal puzzle project of my own life, has been made more confusing by the absence of an important piece, which I seemed to have been sitting upon all this time. Yes, the missing piece of my puzzle has been 'ME' and finding it to fit perfectly into the long stared at void is joyful.

This morning, I went to a Home & Garden Show at the local county fair grounds. I went there to make acquaintance with a specific garden designer, hoping to find my way into creating custom garden details, such as fountains, copings and other furniture items. I found my way to the person's display and was pleased by his own creativity and his acknowledgement of mine. The busy fair is primarily a sales tool for him, so I didn't linger. As I roamed around the carnival of eager entrepreneurs, I watched myself diligently avoid making eye contact with any of the over-smiling vendors. Unforeseen, a particular grinning female spoke so directly at me that I found myself helplessly, involuntarily looking directly back at her. I niether communicated with her nor didn't communicate with her, rather mumbeling and nodding, I stumbled away in a safer direction. My reaction is inexlpicable, to me... as though I am inexperienced and untutored in this world.